our story


our story


How this all begun?

My first ever retreat was in the Scottish Highlands and was triggered by my desire to offer a safe space for people to relax, reconnect and take time for themselves. It quickly grew into a collection made up of retreats and other events, each one catered to a different personality, need or interest.

Debbie attended this first retreat and loved it so much she booked the next one. Knowing how much Debbie loves cooking and having tried some of her delights, one day I have asked if she would like to run a wee retreat with me. Before she could say 'no', or even think about, we already had a schedule and the booking system ready.

From that point onward we have been together through some epic adventures.

We love it and wouldn't change it for anything else!

x Daria


You would probably like to ask what is our mission?

Well, we feel that we gift you a safe space where you can feel free and light of daily responsibility to look at life from a different perspective, create new habits and self care rituals. So when you come back home to your normal life, you notice at least one sustainable change.

That’s why all our retreats have a self development aspect, where you can reflect and create your own toolbox of self-care.


but who are we?

but who are we?


Daria Wall

Students often say that my appetite for movement, yoga and sport is infectious. I really think that the moment when you stop saying ‘I can't’ a whole new window of possibility is being open and you really can do anything! Yoga, running, cycling, horse riding, regardless what it is - it is all medicine, and it’s free so just take it.

One of my biggest passions is exploring and learning from other cultures. If I am not teaching at our studio in Broughty Ferry, I am probably traveling or nerding about anatomy (or both!). I love being surrounded by nature either up in the mountains, diving under water, swiming in the water or surfing (one could think I am an Aquarius! Must be by heart as was born as a very stubborn Capricorn!). It's hard to count all the retreats that I've attended, I have had some amazing experiences and each of my yoga adventures holds a special place in my heart. Retreats can't be compared to a holiday and thus I have decided to share with you this amazingly transforming experience.

I am a yoga teacher and have studied with many super hero teachers. But the best lessons I have learned were on my own mat. I am a professional traveler, dog-mummy to Cooper the whippet, veggie and animal avenger and thus strongly campaign for cruelty free products and food. I am also a diver, aerial hooper, swimmer, cyclist, climber, runner, a very bad horse rider with a very well behaved horse called Foxy, and NAAS recognised leader.


Debbie Brown

In her previous life, Debbie used to be an Area Officer Tayside for the children’s health charity Action for Sick Children Scotland. No she is a fully qualified Kids Yoga teacher. She has a great deal of experience in child development, health and wellbeing. She is also very experienced in working with children with a wide range of additional support needs. Debbie enjoys learning and enhancing her skills and has completed numerous training courses including Development Attachment & Resilience, Child & Adolescent Mental Health and in 2014 gained a Counselling qualification from Abertay University.

Debbie’s personal yoga journey began in 2015 when she was recovering from injuries and she has been addicted to yoga ever since, stating that she can’t remember feeling fitter, healthier and more energised at any stage in her life than she does now! Debbie very quickly saw the benefits yoga and exercise gave her both mentally and physically. As well as attending several yoga and fitness classes each week Debbie also practices yoga at home daily and when weather permits loves to take her yoga mat on to her patio with wonderful views over the Angus countryside and down to the sea.

Another one of her passions is cooking and she is well known among family, friends and work colleagues for her home baking...her brownies are to die for! Today she follows a healthy diet and is passionate about cooking delicious healthy and nutritious food from scratch, although she does confess to being a bit of a coffee addict so she can often be seen in coffee shops around the Ferry! She also enjoys travelling, exploring and going on walks with her husband.


our tribe

our tribe

We are pretty lucky to work with some of the best humans known. We are grateful for each of them as they not only help us to make every retreat special and unique but also bring their own gifts and talents to the table. They are our friends and you keep your friends close and appreciate them.


This amazing duo are our friends from the Dell of Abernethy. A real gem, set in an absolutely stunning location surrounded by the Cairngorm Mountains. The atmosphere there is so calm and relaxing you may forget stress even exists! It’s the perfect place to switch off and take some time out for yourself. Scotland at it’s best!

Polly & Ross have renovated the family cottages to such finite detail it immediately feels at home. Her food is delicious, nourishing and healthy and very similar to our own way of cooking and philosophy.

Over the years we grew into really good friends and we go there for our own holidays too.

Most recently Jamie (Debbie’s husband and Daria’s cycling partner) and Ross were levelling up the ground for the Kilted Yoga tipi. Bet there were few swear words exchanged, laughs shared and beers drunk but the tipi is read for our Kilted Yoga retreat!

IMG_0550 2.JPG

Finlay Wilson

Facial hair is probably misleading but this handsome Scot is actually Daria’s little brother (from another mother called Margaret). Finlay has always been a big supporter of what we do and Daria wouldn’t have s true kilt if it wasn’t for him!

Kilted Yoga has launched Finlay and his practice into the spotlight with over 100 million worldwide views of his videos from the original Kilted Yoga video on BBC The Social to campaigns with companies and other Kilted friends. Kilted Yoga was released as a book in October 2017 and has been attracting people’s attention to yoga, Scotland and a healthier way of being and thinking.

He and his partner Alan, plus two pups, live just 5min drive from Daria and run a yoga studio in Dundee. Alan also happens to be Daria’s business partner in another venture. Debbie completed her Yoga Teacher Training at Heart Space under Finlay’s instruction. So really, we are like one big happy family!

Finlay is running his first ever Scottish retreat with us at the Dell of Abernethy. Check the website for more details.



Our magical friend Katrino is the creator of yogi oils and yoga teacher. Katrino began using essential oils and plant personalities in her yoga classes when she was curious about how the natural world could support us in our healing journeys. you can link plant personalities up with the personalities of the physical and emotional body. The medicine lies within the oils, within nature, within yourself and Katrino believes that using the power of yoga knowledge, physical movement and intentional use of plants we can introspect further into new ways to heal our bodies and minds so that we can share and live in growth together.

Katrino produces all the oils herself and you can often find her harvesting plants and herbs in local woods and fields. She is a Glasgow based yoga teacher but she lives in Tayport so literally just across the water from us!

Recently we had our first workshop with her and it was such an amazing experience. We are going to write up a little blog explaining is as there aren’t enough words to do it here.


Ali Temple

When you meet Ali you are instantly compelled to the words and the powerful message behind them inspiring you to take action right now. But it’s his story that makes you stop and consider that life doesn’t just go past us. We can take over the steering wheel at any time and choose our own paths. ⠀

Having gone through trauma, deep feelings of depression and anxiety he spent years working the most powerful tool humans own: his mind. Being the intensity junkie he is (wonder why we like him, right ?) he itched with a burning desire to do something different. So when presented with an opportunity he left his job and joined the Circus. Literally! Since then, Ali worked all over the world as a professional acrobat. From live TV, London 2012 Olympics, Monaco Formula 1 GP to clients such as Nike, Virgin and Sony. ⠀

But the need to work on the one thing that is worth investing in: yourself, lead Ali to qualify as a coach and now he coaches people in various countries around the world in all areas of mindset, personal development, business and property investing. You can look him up at Steadfast Coaching. ⠀⠀

Interestingly, he is capable of matching Daria’s sense of humour and wit and can actually corner her and that’s rare! He’s also vegan, and as this is not a qualifying quality, it shows that his ethics alight with ours. ⠀

Ali will join us for the May Elie retreat and he will also be the driving force of our corporate offer.


wandertreat in pictures

wandertreat in pictures