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How about something extra special?

We are joined by Katrino, creator of yogi oils and yoga teacher. Katrino began using essential oils and plant personalities in her yoga classes when she was curious about how the natural world could support us in our healing journeys. you can link plant personalities up with the personalities of the physical and emotional body.  The medicine lies within the oils, within nature, within yourself and Katrino believes that using the power of yoga knowledge, physical movement and intentional use of plants we can introspect further into new ways to heal our bodies and minds so that we can share and live in growth together.

Katrino produces all the oils herself and you can often find her harvesting plants and herbs in local woods and fields. She is a Glasgow based yoga teacher but she lives in Tayport so literally just across the water from us!


While the mind travels to the contemplation of the past and the uncertainty of the future, the 3 things that will always be available and always live in the present, is the breath, our surroundings and the physical body. 

Using the wisdom of plants, the medicine of essential oils, the breath and yoga asana, you will be led through 2.5 hours of finding presence.  

Katrino will guide you through a fun and informal smudge making workshop  using seasonal and locally harvested plants. You will then be led physical and emotionally through an element inspired, dynamic vinyasa practise where we will incorporate the movements  & reflections of the current season and your new smudge stick. expect to leave feeling connected on a deep level to what presence feels like. 

1 hour - smudge making workshop using hand foraged seasonal plants, woods, herbs and flowers. 

For the first part of this workshop you will be immersing yourself in seasonal plants, hand foraged by Katrino and shown how to bind them together to create your very own smudge stick. 

What is smudging or Blessing Herbs? Intentionally harvested plants are lit with fire and the smoke is used to bless, cleanse and heal the person or object being smudged. Sage is commonly used as a way to 'wash off' the outside world when one enters ceremony or other sacred space, such as your yoga practise or meditation. 

1.5 hour - medicine element yoga 

Inspired by the 5 great elements and the natural world you will embody earth, water, fire air and aether in a nourishing, soft flow and a deeply restorative reflective stillness so that you can find your own medicine for right now. Everything you need is already inside of you and sometimes all it takes is a little reflection to find it.

At the end of our practise we will use our new smudge sticks to set intentions. 

Bring yourself, blankets, cosy clothes, any plants you would like to add to your smudge stick, essential oils, precious or inspirational items to add to our centre plant inspired altar (crystals, photos etc)
Be prepared clothes wise and mind wise for a yoga practice and going inwards. Please note there will be use of smoke in this ceremony.

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Yes, to participate you must be at least 18.