Here’s the thing NON-yogis 🔻You don’t need a yoga body to do a yoga retreat. If you have a body (and I hope you do) and you come to a yoga class -then you already have a yoga body. 🔻you don’t need most bum firming, expensive and fashionable pants. But something that is stretchy and doesn’t have a hole in your crotch and you are set 🔻you don’t need a buddy to go with you, you will be fine! Seriously, none needs to hold your hand, we will do it and it will be the most caring hug you have ever had. Alone you will have the freedom to air your mind and connect with people - and guess what - like-minded folk normally attract one another and chances are, you will be lying in savasana next to someone who has gone or is going thru the same thing.

Stop overthinking something that is so simple - YOU MATTER!