Today is the International Women’s Day.  It has been set up to celebrate and promote hallmarks and achievements of women worldwide: social, economic, cultural or political. To me it also celebrates female energy and its qualities: feminine strength, beauty, power, wisdom and intuition! 

Politically and economically most of westernised world was built on masculine energy. And in this male dominate world it’s easy to forget yourself, and turn off those magical female qualities to try to fit in with the current standards or the speed of life. 

If you are feeling a little disconnected, frazzled maybe even numb, use this day to turn things on again! To lit more fire and embrace being the wonderful woman you are 🔥 

Celebrate your femininity by doing something for YOU that makes YOU feel like the badass, amazing, sexy and confident self. It could be anything, from applying the most scandalous red lipstick, to putting on those long forgotten skinny jeans and booking yourslef into a gig. 

In Hindu tradition we have Shakti, concept or personification of divine feminine power. It's responsible for creation but also is the agent of all change. Deep down we all embody a Goddess. We have the strength, passion and creativity. Life starts with us and we are constant changing and evolving. 

Whenever you feel like you need a wee boost of energy, just invoke your favourite Goddess! Tap into her qualities to sparkle up your own fire!

My latest favourite is Durga, the warrior Goddess, who is strong enough to combat evil and demonic forces that threaten peace, prosperity and good in the world. She is the fierce form of the protective mother goddess, willing to unleash her anger against wrong, violence for liberation and destruction to empower creation. You can’t mess with Durga! She is an absolute and ultimate badass! 

Following embracing your Goddess fire, remember to do something that nourishes you EVERY DAY.  Something that fills your energy levels up.  Your ‘me time’ is the time when you can be honest with yourself about your challenges, hopes and hurts. It’s not time to judge, it’s the time to acknowledge and nurture. Keep it real, this is all part of being alive. 

There is no better feeling that being a woman! To tap into your own majestic energy. So go ahead just tune in, you will love what you hear. 


Photographs by another strong and fierce woman: Siobhan Diamond Photography