Glen Tilt is a little gem. Nested next to the stunning Blair Castle, offer you an idyllic woods, clear wild water and lofty peaks. 

This route is just a wee walk but absolutely stunning and worth the journey. The easiest way is to start from the car park just beyond the Old Bridge of Tilt (or just walk from the castle). Walking up the hill you see on the pictures with Cooper looking down can make you feel a little bit like Sisyphus rolling his immense boulder up the hill only for it to roll down when it nears the top. But luckily, once you are at the top, struggle is over and the rest of the journey is down hill.

You will be passing river Tilt as well as many little waterfalls which are just stunning. Be careful in spring as sheep are everywhere and you MUST keep your dogs on the lead. 

The whole route shouldn't take you more than 2hours 30 minutes. The tracks are good with paths. It's about 6km.