The River Nevis and the glen near Fort William realy is one of the best kept secrets! We started with Steall Falls but as Phill was fighting a cold we abandoned our plans and I went for a wee walk with Cooper the Whippet.   

There's a small car park half way up to Steal Falls which you can easily find on the map or, if you are up for a longer walk, leave your car in the Glen Nevis Visitor Centre, cross the wee steal bridge and just walk up the river. 

This walk is good whether it's a wet day or a beautiful clear sunny day, definitely worth your visit!  Scenic and safer for dogs stroll offers a chance to wander along riverside path with fine views of the dramatic Nevis Range. We were very lucky as the melting snow gave us the opportunity to see the magnitude of the water coming down the Ben Nevis slopes. Just look at the pictures ....