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Morning sugar bomb

This is another of my overnight breakfasts. This one is an ultimate sugar bomb but it's perfect if your have to wake up at 5am and you are not a coffee drinker! 

  • you can either buy granola or make it. If you make it yourself it will probably contain less sugar ('probably' - unless you use maple syrup:) but if you are running out of time you can just buy one. If you want less sugar make sure to check it. Normally, the more fruits it contains the more sugary it is.
  • 1-2 apples
  • 3-4 rhubarb sticks
  • unsweetened greek yoghurt (you don't have to add any more sugar, trust me;)
  • raisins (if you wish)

Grate rhubarb and apples, add granola, raisins and a lot of yoghurt. You want the mixture to be quite runny. Cover the jar and put into your fridge. It will be ready when you wake up.




Food for the soul

This is basically a sugar and fat nuclear bomb, but sooo delicious!

  • ½ cup of yoghurt (can be Greek or coconut yoghurt or one of the flavoured ones, i.e. strawberry)
  • cup of fresh strawberries
  • ¼ of a wee watermelon (or as much as you can squeeze in your blender)

blend it, drink it, love it!