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Om Yoga Show - London 2015

I was thrilled to attend the Om Yoga Show in London this year. It was a three-day yoga madness consisting of classes, lectures and stalls filled with lovely, healthy stuff. It brought together an exceptional group of wellness professionals to share their wealth of knowledge with yogis and non-yogis.  

Alexander Palace was a fabulous venue and far away from the craziness of London. Sometimes you could almost forget you are in this concrete jungle. 

The yoga business is huge right now and shows like that are a great way to connect with different companies, small and big and learn about all the new things that are out there. Although, you need to understand that those conferences are definitely out of your Ommm zone. It's not a time to properly relax and restore. It's a time to show your skills as a teacher, 'test-drive' instructors and see what's hot in yoga world. It doesn't mean you won't get a lot of it. Whether it was a lecture-based workshop or two hours of flow, I was surprised about what I was getting out of each class. 

As a teacher I loved teaching at the On Yoga Show. You get such a diverse crowd and yes it's harder as you have less prep time, you can't really go and chat with each person, check their injuries etc. It's loud and chaotic but that's the challenge! You can't always teach at your own, cozy, lovely studio, supplied with all the props you need. Sometimes you just need to jump into the fire and come out of it unburned. 

Insider tip: take a change of clothes – it gets sweaty! Bring a few of your own power snacks to keep you going – the food is quite good but you could end up spending quite a lot of time ordering it and since you literally run from one class to another it’s better to hide a few snacks in your pocket. Don't try to do everything, you won't manage, or if you do, by the end of the day you will be so tired you will turn into a zombie.