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10 things I loved about Hong Kong


10 things I loved about Hong Kong

1) Travel as little as 1-2 miles away from HK to discover how beautiful and peaceful world can be

2) The diversity: poor but content vs. exclusive but hectic 


3) Honesty, you probably have no idea what you are eating anyway - so don't even ask

4) Traditional Sunday hot pot dinner

5) You can safely just wonder around HK, get lost, then find your way again and explore the less flashy HK

6) The longest underground trains I have ever seen! Seriously, they are as long as 2-3 blocks! Don't quote me on that but the other two cities that I know of with such a large number of cars are: Singapore and the rail link between Mecca and Medina. Every traveller who’s ever set a toe inside this immaculately clean, well-signposted, cheap, regular, convenient underground will agree that it’s probably one of the least frustrating subway systems in the world


7) Pink dolphins - I don’t think I have actually believed in them until one just jumped in front of me. The pink colour is not a result of a pigment, but comes from very prominent blood vessels, which were overdeveloped for thermoregulation

8) Size of the incenses (a little tip, never leave your chopsticks stuck in the bowl of rice as it resembles incense and is considered disrespectful) 

9) Have you ever seen the size on an Asian butterfly?

10) When someone pours tea for you, lightly knock your two fingers on the table and say "thank you"