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Adventures in Scotland - interview with Anna Mach


Adventures in Scotland - interview with Anna Mach

Today we were interviewing Anna who visited Scotland in December 2017. We were eager to see what she loved and disliked about our country. 

Where did you go?

I went to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Loch Lomond, Inverary, Oban, Kilchurch Caste, Castle Stalker, Glencoe and many other stunning locations.

Why did you choose to come back to Scotland?

17 years ago I got off a bus on Waverley Bridge in Edinburgh and immediately fell in love with everything that was around me. I have been coming back every year (or more) since then and never regretted a single journey. It does not matter whether it’s to visit my sister in Dundee or take a new friend to see the Highlands. Almost any location in Scotland is stunning and breathtakingly beautiful!

What was most memorable?

The lovely accent, the hospitality of the people (especially in Glasgow), the hairy coos, the black-faced sheep, the seagulls crying and the time when we got to feed a deer.

What part of your trip did you like the most?

Driving around the Highlands

What part you didn’t like?

The cold snap as I happened to fly directly into -7C. We also found it difficult to work out the heating system in the flat were I was staying. The food might have also been a bit better but I come from Poland and it’s difficult to beat ours ;)

Any travelling tips you can give us?

Just come to Scotland, you will not regret it!

When are you coming back? 

In May 2018 and then again and again and again…



Anna Mach owns a translation company based in Warsaw, Poland. It is called: ‘Wordy World’ and specialises in legal translation. She is a professional world traveler and a lover of animals, yoga and all things Scottish.

While in Scotland Ania went on a Discovery Scotland one-day  tour to explore Highlands (mainly as she is afraid of driving on the left side :)

All images were taken by Anna.