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Your yoga retreat experience - interview with Lisa


Your yoga retreat experience - interview with Lisa

We are just back from the Barcelona retreat and can't wait to show you our pictures.  Lisa who attended the retreat is sharing today her experience ❤ 

What was your favourite thing about the retreat and why?

For me, it was the connections and friendships made with the other ladies on the retreat.  I loved that we had yoga in common among our very different lives.  We shared something about ourselves every evening over dinner as well as during our yoga practice.  There was a really sense of connection which grew over the days we spent together. 

How did you like the idea of active holiday - using yoga as a way to energise and prepare you for the day and restorative yoga to wind down and relax

The yoga teaching was excellent, very well prepared and thought out. The energising yoga in the morning woke us all up quickly and pleasantly, and I felt proud of myself for achieving challenging poses whilst the restorative yoga in the evening took away aches and pains from any walking and activities during the day.  The evening yoga also encouraged a lot of contemplation and rest, and therefore felt luxurious and special.  

What did you think about the city tour? Was it a good idea? Did you see & learned about the city more than if you did yourself? 

The city tour was interesting thanks to the expertise of the tour guide, who seemed to be passionate about history and about educating people.  It definitely helped me learn more about the city in a historical way, and added a new layer of interest.  I would not have had that perspective without the tour, and it's made me have a new appreciation for Barcelona and Spain as a whole.  

What did you think about Aire de Barcelona (Ancient Baths)

The Ancient Baths were incredible!  I would never dream of doing something like that normally. it was absolute indulgence. It felt like a different world and the experiences offered were great fun - the hot and cold baths and the freezing cold plunge pool to help enliven the body, then the rapid jacuzzi for sore muscles and the best of all - the sea salt pool to encourage floating and complete rest. It was Heaven. And I loved that the staff were so intuitive to our needs.  They provided everything, but their attention was unobtrusive.  

How did you feel about you finished your Aire de Barcelona experience

I thought that having it on the first day just a few hours after we arrived was the perfect way to set us up for the rest of the retreat. My energy levels switched immediately to calmness and I felt prepared.  It changed my mindset from frantic business into me-time.    

What did you think of the food? Did you inspire you to try new yummy recipes? 

The food definitely took me out of my comfort zone but in a fantastic way.  I have tried more different foods over the weekend than I have in years.  I normally hate cooking but it's inspired me to try many new things. My stomach feels better too and I've learnt more lots about my digestion and am now seeing food as medicine. I still can't believe we had vegan tacos made from banana skins! It was yummy. I now love coconut and soya milk, and have realised there are lots of veggie alternatives of foods I normally enjoy.  It was wonderful having the Las Ramblas market so close by too.  (Boqueria?) 

What did you learn? Was it an inspirational experience? 

The most important thing I learned is that the world will not end if I take time for myself.  I learned that art is very important to me, as I had time to visit the Picasso Museum and La  Sagrada Familia. Although I'm used to journalling and self-help, I felt very cared for and guided by Daria, who genuinely wants us to be the best we can be.  She is inspirational.  I drew strength from the belief she had in us.  It was a very nurturing weekend which pushed us to love ourselves more and try new things.  Thanks Daria ❤ 



Must see in Barcelona

We went to Barcelona in November, which was warmer than the north of Scotland but sadly not a beach holiday. You definitely need a warm jumper and a waterproof coat as it does tend to rain there quite heavily but the city itself is beautiful and charming regardless the bikini tan. If you are going in the winter I would definitely stay in the city as you won't be able to sunbath and walking to the old town anytime you want to eat is annoying and takes time. The Gothic Quarter is definitely the place to be as it is very central and busy with things to do. (Remember that they don't have double glazing and thick walls, so it's very noisy at night whether you rent a flat or a hotel...this is an important tip if you are an insomniac).  

We got a wee apartment as you normally don't get a kettle in a hotel, and coming form the UK you should understand our need for a good cuppa! 

The top 3 things you just need do are:

1) Aire de Barcelona - Arabic baths in the heart of the city. An amazing, relaxing and truly rejuvenating place. Whether you are here in rainy November or ridiculously hot June, I would still recommend this place. We had such a stressful day, dealing with our business back at home, huffing and puffing at each other and getting soaked in the rain (twice). All that stress was gone in the first 10 minutes of floating in one of the warm water baths.

I would recommend going to the warm, hot, ice and the hot water again (in this order). At first it may feel impossible and unbearable. But give it 30-40 minutes and you will grow fond of it;)

2) Eat TAPAS and drink lots of SANGRIA. We loved all the small pubs, Ocaña or La guingueta (a water front pub, especially amazing for cocktails and fresh juices)

3) Yogalinda Hot yoga studio. Fabulous hot yoga studio close to the center. The owner had-picks her staff and those guys really know how to build a class and are very attentive to alignment and form. Definitely a good place to get some sweaty yoga!