How often do you say ‘I’m sorry’? 

It is probably the most over-used word in the United Kingdom: whether you are sorry about the weather or sorry because someone else has bumped into you. 

Notice how often do you say ‘sorry’ and why? Saying sorry too much can trivialise the act of apology, making the important ones carry less weight. Why not save it for when you really need it, and mean it. 

There is a lot of expert advice around the ‘sorry syndrome’. It stems from a sense of insecurity, and it is also said that women, more than men, will often apologise for things they do not need to or start a question with 'sorry' so they do not seem too demanding. In a lot of cases low self-esteem can be a big reason that people say 'sorry' so much. Think about it, how often when you say 'sorry' in unnecessary situations are you in fact avoiding eye contact and just trying to get out of a situation where you have made it awkward or someone else has. 

Start now by using different words to get the submissive, powerless behavior out of our system. Instead of saying, “sorry for talking too much” you can say, “thank you for listening.” Instead of saying “sorry” when you move past someone on the street, you can say “thank you for making room.” At the studio or retreats we ask students to say ‘sexy’ instead of ‘sorry’ as it’s so much better and worthwhile to be sexy rather than constantly sorry for not other reason than devaluing your own worth.