As every year, right before Xmas I have this odd urge to buy Xmas cards just because everyone are doing so and it takes me a moment to stop and remind myself my own ethics. I never buy cards to just put my name on them and prefer to use them only if I have something meaningful to write so the person who receives it may actually want to keep it rather than bin a tone of paper that once was a living and growing tree. I'm so pleased to see that the image of horror that is currently in Syria had such an impact and made people to reevaluate where they are sending their money and send it to the White Helmets this year. We are going to support a charity that is very close to my heart and that I've been following for a while now. Saving The Survivors is a non for profit really tiny charity that helps rhinos who have miraculously survived the attack of poaches and helps them to come back to health after the barbarian act people do to another being. You see, we all have gifts that can make a difference in the world, we are all emphatically skilled to feel pain of others, we are all capable of love. But like in the case of Syria, or Libya, or Iraq, or testing your toilet cleaner on animals or poaching rhinos, elephants and other animals, we also have the capability of turning all of this off and embracing the darkest, most cruel and heartless side. While you are siting at your dinner table on the Xmas day, have a moment of reflection and decide where do you stand today. 

The picture above is of Hope, a beautiful female rhino that got brutally attacked, got her horn cut off and left to die. The charity that we support found her just in time to operate and she was fighting bravely almost a year before she passed away. Today we only have a very small amount of rhinos left in the wild and this number is declining every year. The picture was taken by Adrian Steirn, one of my favourite wildlife photographers who shows the beauty as well as the cruelty of the world.

If you want to learn more about rhinos and would like to help Saving The Survivors, just click here.