We are creatures of habits! We do things the same old way because it’s comfortable and feels safe. But the risk in staying inside our comfort zones is that it creates psychological and even physical barriers that can lead to limitations, really freakishly REAL limitations. 

Because we haven’t done anything unusual, scary, strong or new in a long time, we begin to think we can’t. We start telling ourselves that we can't, that it's impossible. Eventually we don't even feel worthy trying. 

We forget that there are 52 weeks in a year! That’s plenty of opportunity to schedule new ways to grow and test ourselves, to try something big or start small but get our bums out of this limiting comfort zone and vicious circle of 'I can't'. 

If you say ‘I can't, the bare truth is that you probably won’t ! If you say ‘I can’t, YET’ - you WILL. Today we all did something that is hard, scares us, is awkward, new, impossible, works in a different way. And we all succeeded as we showed up to an amazing class with Darren Guru Tait! 

.Thanks so much Darren! You are a true Handstand Guru.