Every year, my husband and I wander off to a wee holiday not organised and planned by us but FOR us. This is the only time of the year when we don't take our laptops and our brains aren't 100% focused on work, research and the business.  This year we decided that Egypt will be a great destination. I won't even lie, the sun was the main factor! If you live in Scotland, this is the easiest and the shortest flight before you can dive in the sea comfortably without turning purple with cold.

Egypt has had a lot of bad press lately. With the plane crash two years ago, the terrorist attacks and the Lybian conflict right around the corner it really dropped it's 'cool' status (and the currency). The country was really hit by the declined tourism and people here felt it considerably. As it was a holiday, we decided to relax in Hurghada and forget about the stress of being in the exciting Cairo.

The reason why we went to Hurghada and not the popular Sharm El Sheikh is because we couldn't get there without difficulties. Sharm, which has been a belowed winter sun destination for the British for years, remains in crisis in the aftermath of the crash of a St Petersburg-bound flight shortly after take off in 2015. Since then, Sharm el Sheikh has been all but off limits.

Interestingly, while much of Egypt is currently deemed unsafe for visitors, the FO does not currently warn against travelling to the popular tourist areas. However, there are no direct flights or tours. So, in theory, you can enjoy a holiday at the resort, if only you could reach it. Which is sad for the Egyptian people living here as lack of business means lack of food on their table. Durning our travels here we met multiple Egyptians born outside those resort cities, who were affected by the attacks and now all of them are here in Hurghada trying to make living.

This is why violence is so short sighted. It kills innocent souls and dooms generations.