Anyone who did a handstand at least once in his or her life, know how powerful and invigorating this experience is. For me handstands are the same as an espresso shoot, adrenaline goes up and even the dullest day becomes more exciting. 

First the entire idea of going upside down is frightening. So you start with tiny steps, slowly walking your feet up into a down dog against the wall. You linger here a wee bit as it is safe and familiar. But eventually, you are growing braver every day to play with different variations (maybe one leg up or maybe even handstand splits). This quickly becomes boring because once you mastered DD at the wall you crave more! Especially in the era of Instagram, Facebook and #handstand365. Of course you want more.  We always want MORE. So, you start your first kicks into a proper handstand against the wall. That's a bit wonky but through multiple DD, maybe forearm stands, dolphins and other yoga animals, you've conditioned your strength enough to start the proper kicks. And you are UP!

And then you are stuck... Handstand against the wall becomes boring again but away from it just leads to multiple concussions! I have been there, I'm still probably there. There are so many people there! Here you go then. This is an exercise that 

a) makes it exciting again

b) gets you stronger on a completely different level

Once this feels easy - try your handstand again and see what happens!