• Freedom. Even after so many years of practice I still often feel heavy, sluggish and restricted on so many levels. Strala tells you to ditch all of this nonsense and just move. Move in whatever way feels natural and free from being forced in a pose that you just hate but you feel the pressure to survive 5 loooong, painful breaths. In a stroll class every person is doing a slightly different modification so you really can just let go and choose your own rhythm
  • Internal focus - feeling and connecting with your own amazingly strong body. It's either this or starring at people having fun and loving heir practice which is really irritating and infectious, trust me! At some point you start smiling to yourself (creepy, eh?) so you may as well just do it from the very beginning
  • Mad abdominal exercises especially by Mike (multiple exclamation marks, my abs still remember it)
  • Feels like family. Tara makes everyone welcome and special. She will always find time to chat, laugh or hold your leg in a handstand
  • It feels so light and easy, even though some of the poses are quite advanced. You are invited to do as much as you can and in the end you always surprise yourself how much can you do. You don't stay in poses long enough to fatigue the muscles. You constantly contract and release the muscle fibres in an intelligent way which builds muscle strength and elasticity, keeping them healthy
  • Music! ACDC, Queen bunch of 80/90s stuff... C'mon! You must love it. At Strala's main studio in the NYC where you have plenty of wall space (and every wall bares prints of people's feet) you really can rock it! This place definitely feels like home

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